TUTV Receives 5 Awards at Mid-Atlantic Emmys

Temple University Television took home five of the eight awards that it was nominated for this year at the annual Mid-Atlantic Emmy’s.

Taking home the awards for best talent, best newscast, short form, sports, and talent, TUTV was honored by the broadcasting community at the awards ceremony.

Alumni and current students took to the stage to receive their awards, with many being honored multiple times for their work and contributions to the nominated projects.

Temple Update graduate Dan Ray took home two awards, both for his contributions to the award-winning Temple Update and for his documentary on gentrification in Philadelphia called The Fight.

The Temple Update team takes the stage to accept their award

Another Temple Update alum, Hannah McComsey, received an award for her piece on Cape Town residents, which she completed during a summer study away program in Africa.

Among the winners was also Temple Update’s March 29th show, credited for its on-site stories, including packages shot from Washington D.C. as well as Los Angeles.

Update’s March show was voted the best out of the six competitors for its position as the best newscast, with five of the six nominations coming from Temple.

2018 marks the 4th year that Temple has been a part of and nominated for awards in the Mid-Atlantic Emmy’s.

Temple Update would like to thank the students and staff whose tireless work made winning these awards possible.

Here’s a full list of TUTV’s winners:


Top (left to right): Zuri Hoffman, Izamarie Camacho, Cassie Semyon, Logan Moritz, Dan Ray, Kelly Antonacci, Kaicey Bailor Bottom: Spencer Trabbold, Keith Aversa, Max Bass, Andrew Mikida

Temple Update: March 29, 2018
Spencer Trabbold, Supervising Producer
Keith Aversa, Producer
Danielle Sabulsky, Director
Dan Ray, Anchor
Zuri Hoffman, Anchor
Kelly Antonacci, Reporter
Izamarie Camacho, Reporter
Max Bass, Technical Director
Logan Moritz, Editing Manager
Peter Jaroff, Advisor

General Assignment

Cape Town Residents Struggle in Temporary Relocation Area
Paul Gluck, Faculty Advisor
Hannah McComsey, Reporter


The Fight: Grappling with Philadelphia Gentrification
Paul Gluck, Faculty Advisor
Dan Ray, Producer/Editor


Ben Otte and Tracy Yatsko with their Mid-Atlantic Emmy

Temple TUFF
Tracy Yatsko, Reporter/Writer
Sarah Shields, Field Producer
Ben Otte, Photog/Editor


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