Tyler Students ‘Craft ‘n Care’ for Philadelphia Children

The Tyler School of Art crafted gifts Tuesday to help children become strong readers and writers.

Tyler’s annual holiday service project, Craft ‘n Care, partnered with Tree House Books, a local literacy center and library that provides literacy programs and free books to children in the local area.

Tree House Books has a goal to help build a community of readers, writers, and thinkers.

Students contributed to this goal this holiday season, making and hand drawing bookmarks that will be sent with the free books Tree House Books distributes.

Kari Scott, Assistant Director for Tyler Student Life said students relaxed during finals and at the same time did community service.

Emma Coath, a member of Tyler Dean’s Student Advisory Committee, said they made stress balls for students with anxiety out of simple ingredients like rice and balloons.

“We’re making some sketch books for them because we’re Tyler and that’s what you do when you’re an art student, you have sketch books,” Scott said.

“These have crayons in them so that they can color and draw pictures and maybe write stories about the pictures that they draw,” she said.

They also painted stones to stir up creativity. Children can choose several of the painted stones and write a story, use it for spelling, or other sentence structures.

“I think that this idea is really inspiring for kids to get a better education,” Coath said.

Tree House Books has given nearly 80,000 books to children and families in Philadelphia since 2008.

To learn more about Tree House Books and their programs, visit https://www.treehousebooks.org

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