Attack on Iran Postponed at Last Minute

President Trump last night ordered a strike on several Iranian targets inside of Iran’s borders before calling off the attack, according to several sources inside of the White House.

Reports from anonymous representatives within the administration stated that targets included several radar and SAM (Surface to Air Missile) installations, tools instrumental in combating aerial invasions.

This news comes amidst growing international tensions between the United States and Iran. Just this week Iranian forces shot down a US drone encroaching on their air space.

Claims have also been made that Iran attacked an oil tanker in the Persian Gulf, but owners of the tanker have denied US claims that the attack came from the Iranian government.

Iranian leadership stated that further action by the United States would not be tolerated and that America is the sole force responsible for the escalation of tensions in the region.

Trump has stated previously that he is indecisive on a war in Iran. National Security officials, however, such as John Bolton and Mike Pompeo, have urged direct military action against the nation.

Many have cautioned against a war in Iran, citing the negative impact of decisions like the war in Iraq and its longstanding impact on both the Middle East and the United States government.

As of today, it is unclear what the military’s next steps in the conflict will be. Stay with Temple Update for any developments in this story as they become available.

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