Uber Safety Questioned Following Incidences

Even though Philadelphia is big on public transportation, many people, especially college students, are now using the app Uber to get around the city. Uber is very popular among Temple students, mainly because they believe that the service provides safer nighttime transportation. However, recent incidents throughout the country are raising questions about how safe Uber really is.

Just this past week an Uber driver in Kalamazoo, Michigan was accused of going on a shooting rampage, killing six people, and wounding two others. Despite the frightening events in Michigan most students do not seem deterred, and still plan on using Uber as a mode of transportation.

The company says it is doing everything in its power to keep riders safe during their Uber experience. Drivers receive customer ratings after every ride and must also undergo background checks before starting the job.

Uber X driver Greg Finklesteen had to pass a background check before he was hired by the company.

“It was definitely very simple, very easy,” said Finklesteen. ” Basically I got an answer in like three to four days. If you’re clean, then you’re good to go.”

Safety isn’t just a concern for Uber users, but for the drivers as well. In October of 2015, a California Uber driver was attacked by a passenger who was heavily intoxicated and too drunk to give directions. Luckily, Finklesteen has not had any issues with violent passengers in Philadelphia.

“I’ve done this over a year and I’ve never had any major problems.”

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