A Philly “Phave” from Across the Pond

Contrary to popular belief, London has many more cultural foods than originally thought.  However, one Philadelphia favorite has recently managed to earn ranks among all the rest – the cheesesteak.

Liberty Cheesesteak is the first official Philadelphia cheesesteak in London because the traditional ingredients are not available in the United Kingdom.  The company must make it’s own cheese, butcher it’s own meat, and create it’s own roll recipe.

Located in Old Spitalfields Market, the pinstripe truck is reminiscent of the Philadelphia Phillies.  The market lies in the heart of the East End, an area often recognized for it’s cultural significance.  Today the City of London has direct control of the market, which takes it’s name from St. Mary’s Spittel – a hospital founded in 1197.

As one passerby remarked, “I’ve never had one before, it looked really good, and I haven’t had anything to eat all day so I think this going to sort me out.”

Liberty Cheesesteak makes sure people ordering understand the steps involved in ordering the sandwich, such as half or whole, wiz, and wit or witout.  While these phrases

Other Temple students tried the cheesesteak, and felt the time and effort put into it even though it is not like the kind from home.

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