Under the Canopy

The Academy of Natural Sciences’ newest immersive exhibit, “Under the Canopy,” allows you to take an educational trip through the jungle. This unique experience offers guests the opportunity to get up close and personal with a wide variety of animals while bringing the beauty of the rainforest to the center of Philadelphia.

Abdulai Brown, age eight, and other young guests turn “Under the Canopy” into a classroom without walls. Sharing his enthusiasm, Abdulai urged others to “just come here and explore the animals.”

Many interesting animals are featured, such as geckos, tarantulas, red-footed tortoises, boa constrictors, and the cute two-toed sloth. The sloth is described by, Delvis Niedzialek – Co-Director of Little Ray’s Exhibition, as “an incredibly spoiled little animal.”

In addition to offering live animal interactions, “Under the Canopy” also has interactive activities, bilingual instructional signs, and unique animal presentations. In addition to providing education, the immersive experience hopes to inspire positive change in the urban jungle. Mary Bailey, a staff member, expressed “So when you come to this exhibit and you get to see the animals and learn about their lives, hopefully, that will help inspire people to want to take care of the world in general, not just here in Philadelphia.”

Visitors are invited to “Under the Canopy” every Wednesday through Sunday until the Labor Day weekend. Take full advantage of the opportunity to explore the forest in the city’s heart! 

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