A Temple Alumna Introduces A new Food Truck To Campus.

Temple Fox School of Business alum, Nia Foreman, has opened up her very own food truck on campus named The Patty Wagon. The name ‘The Patty Wagon’ stems from the fact that she is Jamaican. Thanks to Nia’s passion for entrepreneurship and support from her family, this was a very feasible experience for her.

“I have a background in the food industry in general because I grew up in a restaurant owned by my parents,” she said.

After her parents, Nia also credits Temple’s general community and former professor, Dwight Carey, for that push to take the idea she’d created in class and turn it into something real. She says that it has been very encouraging to be able to see and feel the support that Temple, specifically Fox, has shown her during this process.

“I’m glad to be an entrepreneurship major. I’m glad to be in that school because they know when your student does something as an entrepreneur to have their backs,” Nia explains.

She is excited to continue growing her business and building more connections with other entrepreneurs that she meets on campus along the way.

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