Update Abroad: London’s Market Mile

Away from the hustle and bustle of downtown London lie the sights and sounds of Market Mile. On Sundays, four different markets, all within walking distance of one another, light up the east end. From bouquet buying to street snacking and street shopping, these markets show a different side of the city.

“What’s so nice about the market here is that people with dreams which don’t necessarily have a lot of money in order to get a physical space can come here” said Amelia Edge.

Amelia Edge of Edge and Company primarily sells online but set up shop at Old Spitalfields Market to boost sales. “Because we’re so new and want to get our brand out there we thought this was the perfect platform” said Edge.

All four markets bring in thousands of Londoners and tourists each week. Columbia Road Flower Market is only open on Sundays. Among the bunches of flowers and shoppers is Lizzy Van Rijn, new to the city and the market culture. “It’s really nice, it’s really sunny today, there’s loads of people out. I just moved here a couple of months ago, so this is kind of my first real London market experience” said Rijn.

Markets are often a hub for people of all backgrounds and Old Spitalfields is no different. “It’s really multicultural so it’s interesting to stay here for a few hours and look around and see what’s happening,” said Kiera Kopeetset.

From indoor markets like Old Spitalfields to outdoor ones like Brick Lane, London has a market experience like no other.

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