Valentine’s Day: Some Thrilled, Some Chilled

Philadelphia had a freezing Valentine’s Day this Monday. 

Temperatures sat around the high 20s throughout the day, making it less than comfortable for anyone going outside for an extended period of time.

However, Love Park, home of Robert Indiana’s iconic “LOVE” Statue was still decorated with pink and white balloons to commemorate the occasion, and some couples and families still made their way over to the statue to take photos.

Temple University Soccer player Gabriela Johnson, who was taking photos at Love Park herself, expressed that Philadelphia was an ideal place for Valentine’s Day.

“Philly is the ‘City of Love’ so there’s a lot of nice stuff to do on Valentine’s Day, so it’s always a good time in Philly.”

Additionally, there were still some activities that were available to any couples who wanted to go out despite the weather, including ice skating, museum trips, and of course, dinner dates.

Yet many restaurants were barren in the evening, as were jewelry stores.

Koray Avci, owner of jewelry store Bella Turka, said that Valentine’s Day “usually meant [his store] would be busy and people would come to buy for lovers, but not anymore, not today at least.”

Avci also mentioned that perhaps if it were a “June or July Valentine’s Day, it would be much better,” as he felt that the extremely cold weather deterred people from going out to celebrate the holiday.

Reporter: Ryan Tierney

Photographer: Sam Mastropietro

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