Vea Fitness Encourages Phiadelphia to “Step Out” to Stop Diabetes

screen-shot-2016-11-04-at-12-43-22-pmVea Fitness returns this weekend for the annual Philadelphia Step Out Walk and Run 5K to Stop Diabetes event hosted by the American Diabetes Association.

The fitness app is partnering with the organization to increase exercise and provide incentives to users.

Following their partnership with the first ever Philly Free Streets event in September, Vea Fitness is continuing to enhance and develop the design of their application by adding a charity aspect. The success of the app’s launch at Philly Free Streets did not go unnoticed with over 800 downloads which took place that day.

After witnessing a significant number of users taking part in the app and its challenges, the American Diabetes Association reached out to Vea Fitness to work in tandem with them for the 25th anniversary of the Step Out 5K.

The association had been longing to introduce virtual 5K runs, and now, with Vea Fitness, they can do just that. This new feature allows users to donate, join a fitness challenge, and possibly receive a reward containing athletic apparel. “You could donate, say $20.00 to the association, and then in return, you’d get what they call digital gift baskets, so like maybe a tank top, or a sweat band, or t-shirt,” reveals Jonathan Maxim, co-founder and CEO of Vea Fitness.

Maxim also explains the advantages of partnering with a company such as the American Diabetes Association. “There are definitely benefits to having an endorsement with the association,” says Maxim. “It’s very well-respected.”

In Philadelphia, close to 16% of citizens have or ever had diabetes. The American Diabetes Association is an advocate of conducting research to prevent, cure, and manage diabetes.

Maxim adds, “The fitness and health epidemic is so close to our hearts, so when they approached us it was like, yes, we do want to help create proactive health patterns.”

The Step Out 5K is taking place on Saturday, November 5. The walk begins at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway and extends for roughly 3.2 miles.

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