Volunteers Make DNC Daily Operations Successful

Pop stars like Demi Lovato brush up on their performance, and officials ready the gavel.

It’s television stars and politicians on stage that may be in the spotlight. But it takes the people you’ll find hurrying around the hallways and parking lots to make the convention shine. Diamond Scott, a Cedar Crest College student, is a volunteer at the convention. “We get to help out on the floor, pass out all the signs that you guys see go up, and we make sure everything runs smoothly.”

George Shelton is one of countless security guards we’ve seen roaming the hallways. “Anywhere between 1,000 to maybe 5,000 individuals daily, there’s over 18,000 volunteers that we do have, it’s brutal.”

It may look like mass confusion, but they say it’s organized teamwork.

“You have to be on point, you have to be skilled, you have to be knowledgeable.”

“When we’re watching it we don’t realize how much work it takes to make this happen,” said Scott.

And their work isn’t lost people who come from all over the country, like Nevada delegate Lynette Hall. She said she couldn’t even imagine the work that goes into the Democratic National Convention behind the scenes.

There may be all sorts of surprises in store, like Bobby Hill, who also sang for Pope Francis, and these workers are hoping something special happens to them. Like possibility of seeing Barack Obama, or maybe meeting Hillary Clinton.

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