PA Delegates Talk Unity Over Breakfast

Speaker after speaker at the Pennsylvania Delegate Breakfast shared at least one common theme — a message of party unity.

Sabrina Nixon, a delegate from Philadelphia, believes the party will be on the same page even more as the convention rolls on. “There’s definitely unity. I think that Bernie and Hillary are going to come together, they’re gonna both show a united front and I think it’s going to be amazing.

Yet, many delegates for Bernie Sanders didn’t hold back, sporting shirts, buttons and hats bearing his name.

Tim Burton was one of those delegates. He said he’s upset Bernie will not be the party’s nominee, yet hopeful, after seeing the party’s revised platform. “Whatever Bernie Sanders accomplished…his impact is on the party and the future of the party,” said Burton.

Among key speakers at the event were Governor Tom Wolf — also urging delegates to unify.

“We need to come together…unify in supporting Hillary Clinton, so that we can win in November and set this country on the right course,” he said.

While the cry for democrats to unify inside the breakfast rang loud, Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey talked about Clinton’s extensive experience in foreign policy.

“She’s serious which means you don’t just go in with bluster like the republican nominee and yell and scream and tell people about what you’re going to do to people. That’s not how you make it safe.” He too, said he recognized the importance of candidates staying together.

“Bernie’s already demonstrated he’s not only ready to work for Hillary, he’s already started.”






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