#VoteThatJawn Hosts First Event

#VoteThatJawn is a movement that aims to bring 18-year-olds and other first time voters to the polls in 2018.  #VoteThatJawn held their first event at WHYY Hamilton Commons on September 22 to help young adults and students prepare for midterm elections. The event had information on voter registration, along with motivational speakers, musical performances, and an appearance by Mayor Jim Kenney.

Students and young voters gather for the first #VoteThatJawn PC: Clem Baa-Adomako

University of Pennsylvania professor Lorene Carey founded the movement when her class did a pop up piece about ‘March for our Lives’. Her students said the ‘next stop’ was voting. Carry emphasizes the importance of the movement saying, “If you begin voting early, the usual pattern is that you vote for the rest of your life.”

#VoteThatJawn will remain in Philadelphia but also has a partner in Los Angeles with the University of Southern California. Carey says they are thinking about keeping her movement as a model for voter registration, but nothing is official. “We’re going to make this right first, and then we’ll see.”

To Temple University sophomore biology student Cye Jacobs, voting means change and is a “stepping stone to creating a better life for future generations.”

The movement aims to educate individuals in figuring out the best way to cast their vote. After midterm elections, #VoteThatJawn aims to help make Philadelphia a national leader in youth voter registration.

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