Temple Freshmen Take Flight Overseas

Temple students have been studying and enjoying Temple Rome for years, but for the first time, the campus is opening its doors to incoming freshmen.

The new Temple Rome Entry Year Program, or TREY, allows students to begin their 4 years in Rome, before rounding out their education on Temple’s main campus.
“It’s an amazing opportunity and you can learn so much.” Freshman Nina Wyn told Update. “It makes you more independent I think, at least for me because I’m from Philly.
Students in Rome are exposed to an array of culture and history at Temple’s campus, located along the banks of the historic Tiber river.
Though TREY is starting small, director Francesca Cuccovillo hopes to expand the program to welcome more students in years to come.
“You know we really hope to attract more international students in the future, to keep the program affordable of course, and really at the end of the day for Temple Rome to be an asset to Temple University.”
Temple Rome hopes to expand its range of studies offered in programs such as TREY and beyond, to create a connection between students and local Roman culture and to offer students a truly unique experience.

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