Wasserman Schultz to Resign Following Hacked Emails

There was some major news this Sunday about the Democratic Party leadership. Late Sunday afternoon Democratic National Committee chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz announced her resignation reports say the Florida Congresswoman’s decision came after being pressured by top democrats, after WikiLeaks dump DNC emails suggesting the party leaders were playing favorites with Clinton.

This march was planned before the news surrounding Wasserman Schultz broke, but the WikiLeaks certainly added to the frustration of sanders supporters.

Protesters and delegates marching for sanders say the developments supports their claims the DNC was biased towards Clinton.

“I am not very happy about this Democratic Primary and the way it was stolen from us,” said protestor Victoria Thompson. Thompson is just one of the thousands of Sanders supporter who flocked to JFK Boulevard this afternoon, to share their concerns about this year’s Democratic Primary and the party’s actions.

Senator Sanders took to television today to comment on the email leaks and also his disappointment of his party.

“Well I think it’s outrageous but it is not a great shock to me. Like I said it’s what we talked about six months ago,” said Sanders.

Protesters said they were happy the emails surfaced, however they still question how long acts like this have been going on.

“We kind of been saying this all along, so it just fills in the suspicions that everyone already had.”

“Some of the widest election fraud this primary season, and its hard to say if it’s always been there and we are just noticing because we are turning out in larger numbers.”

Wasserman Schultz announced she will step down at the end of the party’s convention.

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