Where You Can Donate This Socially-Distanced Holiday Season

The holiday season is normally a time when people around Philadelphia give back to their communities with money, food, and clothing donations. But this year, with new social distancing guidelines in place, people are having trouble finding places to give.

Senior Emily Bowden says that she would like to give, but she doesn’t know how to during the pandemic.

I feel like people are more wary of what they take from where, which is fair, and it’s harder to get word out,” Bowden says. “I don’t even know where I would donate things, I would sure like to but I don’t know where.”

Places like Project Home in Fairmount, which normally accepts donations throughout the holiday season, have had to change the way they take in donations. Philabundance has also seen significant in-person downsizing and has temporarily closed its community kitchen on North 10th Street.

For people who want to donate, but don’t know how, many organizations have websites where you can give money or groceries online.

Despite in-person closures, both Project Home and Philabundance offer options on their websites to donate online or by mail. Philabundance also has a virtual food drive manual to help volunteers get involved while still social distancing.

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