Who’s To Blame For Temple Football Struggles?

To put this piece into more context, Temple football dropped their homecoming matchup to UConn 28-24 on Saturday 10/14 and Brian Steinmetz was at the game. Read his recap piece here, and watch highlights and a breakdown of the game from Vince Coll and Brian in the SportsDesk postgame report.

Week after week it seems I write about the same topic and there never seems to be a change. Disclaimer: Yes the offense reached 473 total yards and scored three touchdowns so you know the unit is able to produce- but week after week, whether it’s turnovers, missed opportunities, blown calls, etc. it’s no secret that they need to find answers. After Saturday’s loss to UConn, the team’s woes have never been more apparent.

Where to put the majority of the blame is the biggest question. Is it the offensive line? The quarterback play? Questionable play calling? Or a culmination of all of these things?

One thing’s for sure, losing to UConn is inexcusable for a team coming off an AAC Championship. 

Sure, there’s a lot of moving parts to this Owls football team. Obviously, there is a new coaching staff, quarterback and overall a different feel to this team. Still, you can’t help but feel like Temple let this game slip away.

The most difficult part of this loss is the number of opportunities the team was given. After a slow start, the Owls’ defense was able to stand strong allowing one score in the third quarter, and the rest of the game.

However, a costly pick-six put the Owls’ comeback aspirations on hold for another quarter. Here, Temple made a strong push for a comeback victory. The Owls moved the ball down the field with ease on numerous occasions as their stout defense continued to make stops.

On the team’s final drive, they were unable to get the go-ahead touchdown.

The biggest question here would be the coaching staff’s decision to not kick a 34-yard field goal on 4th and 7 with 4:40 left on the clock. If converted, the kick would put the Owls within one point and give them the option of kicking a field goal to win the game, rather than going for a touchdown. Considering the defense had been dominating UConn and the Owls had two timeouts, this decision left many confused.

As this season has proven, these errors are exactly what have plagued the Owls this season.//Temple will need to hash out these offensive missteps as they travel to take on Army next Saturday.

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