Women’s Basketball Notches A Win Over Fordham To Go Back Over .500!

BRONX BOROUGH — After a blowout win against Sacred Heart, Temple seemed to get their swagger back heading into the next game against the Fordham Rams. Fordham entered this game 3-5 coming in from a losing effort. Temple definitely showed why they won so dominantly last game with a strong performance this time out as well. The offense was a big part of the win, but the defense is the real reason why they were able to come away with the win. In the first two quarters, Fordham wasn’t able to score double digit points for either. The second half collapse that they were able to avoid started to come back in the fourth quarter again, but Temple had built up such a strong lead, that they were able to avoid losing because of that. They also did what they had to do towards the end of the quarter to pack on enough points keep Fordham away. Donnaizha had a team-high 14 points and team-high seven rebounds, while Alliya Butts added 13 points and Feyonda Fitzgerald added 10 points and four steals. They’re back on track after two double digit wins it looks like.

In the first quarter, the game stayed close until Temple went on a 10-0 run with about four minutes left. At that point, Temple displayed it’s offensive dominance by leading 21-8 at the end of the quarter. The game was already better for top scorer Feyonda Fitzgerald, as she had as many points in the first quarter as she had all game last time out.

The second quarter was much closer, and neither team really got out to an edge. There was excellent defense being played on both sides as neither team got into double digits for the quarter, and there were no big runs allowed by either team. Temple narrowly outscored Fordham 9-6, leading the halftime score to be 30-14.

In the third quarter, both teams displayed their offensive ability a bit more as they were both able to eclipse double digits this time around. Temple, however, still got the upper hand by outscoring Fordham 18-14 in the quarter. There still was no huge run as both teams practically scored right after the other scored.

The fourth quarter is where it almost went all wrong for Temple, though. Fordham went on an 11-2 run, leaving them behind by only 11 points with still about three and a half minutes left in the quarter. With about a minute and a half left in the game, Temple started scoring again, and scored seven of their nine points in the quarter in the last minute and a half left of the game. Those baskets and free-throws sealed the deal on what could have been another comeback loss, due to another bad fourth quarter,

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