You Are Welcome Here Week Ends with Global Gala

On March 30th, Temple’s annual Global Gala was held in Mitten Hall. At the event, students could experience the great cultural diversity on campus.

Both traditional and modern performances represented different regions and cultures. There were many activities to participate in as well a new foods to try.

“I think it was very interesting, I saw different dances and cultures that I really didn’t get to experience before. So I like it, it’s very interesting,” says freshman Ifeoma Iloka. “I wish I was like, I wish I came earlier to catch more things but it was definitely interesting.”

Sophomore student Solange Mohor says, “I feel like it’s really good, there is a lot of different people in here, a lot of culture. It’s really interesting.”

Performances included traditional Chinese music and dance, modern dances, Korean pop songs, and Irish step dance. Activities included looking at traditional clothes from different regions, experiencing different languages, trying various cultural foods, learning to use chop sticks, and more.

The goal of the event was not only to showcase Temple’s diverse student body, but also to send the message that international students are welcome at US college campuses.

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