WNBA Bound: Fitzgerald Drafted by Indiana Fever

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Temple women’s basketball player, Senior Feyonda Fitzgerald, has just been drafted to the WNBA.

Fitzgerald was drafted in the second round by the Indiana Fever, and this will mark the fourth Temple women’s basketball player to be drafted.

Fitzgerald had an exceptional senior season, where she averaged 17.3 points and 7.3 assists per game. The senior was also tanked amongst some of the best players in the country for assists per game.

During the season, she helped Temple women’s basketball win the Philadelphia Big 5 tournament, and helped them appear in the NCAA tournament for the first time since 2011. At the end of the season, Feyonda set an assist record for a single season and assists in a career in the program.

Fitzgerald also ended up being the second all-time scorer in programs history.

Other prestigious Temple players who have been drafted to the WNBA include Candice Dupree in 2006, Kamesha Hairston in 2007, and Shey Peddy in 2012. These are the only players in programs history to be drafted to the WNBA.

Owls Fall Short to USF in AAC Tournament Semi-Final

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For the second time this season, the Temple Owls Women’s Basketball team fell short against the USF Bulls. The Owls lost with a score of 63-58. The loss brings the Owls down to 24-6 and stops their run in the AAC tournament, while the win advances the USF Bulls to the finals of the AAC tournament where they will play UConn and brings their record to 23-7 overall.

The first quarter, the Owls were very dominating and even had a 9-point lead. This first quarter domination was led by the trio of Senior Feyonda Fitzgerald, who in the quarter final game set an AAC tournament record for most points scored in a game, and Juniors Alliya Butts and Tanaya Atkinson.

In the second quarter, USF fought back against the Owls to take the lead. The lead was constantly changing and USF only ever went up by 6 points at the most. At the end of the second quarter, USF was up 33-30, and the Bulls had outscored the Owls 19-13.

The Owls never were able to regain the lead in the second half. The third quarter was very low scoring for both teams who both scored only 9 points, but USF continued to keep the lead. USF came out in the fourth quarter with 10 unanswered points to extend their lead even further. From there, the Owls tried to fight back but fell just short from beating USF.

Senior Feyonda Fitzgerald led the way for the Owls with 18 points and 6 assists. Junior Tanaya Atkinson recorded a double-double with 15 points and 11 rebounds. Junior Alliya Butts notched 17 points and Senior Safiya Martin notched 8 rebounds.

The Owls will now wait to find out their seed in the NCAA Tournament.

Owls Lose to #1 UConn Huskies For the Second Time This Seasin

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The Temple Women’s Basketball team fell short on Wednesday night against the #1 UConn Huskies with a score of 90-45. This marked the 102nd win in a row for the Huskies and moves them to 27-0 overall and 14-0 in conference play. This lose brings the Owls down to 21-6 overall and 11-3 in the conference.

The UConn Huskies opened up the game with six unanswered points. Senior Feyonda Fitzgerald put a stop to the Husky run with a good three-pointer to cut the Huskies lead by 3. The Owls rallied within 4 points of the Huskies from a three-pointer from Junior Tanaya Atkinson. However, the Huskies then went on an 11-0 run that was then stopped from a three point shot from Junior Khadijah Berger, but the Huskies were still up by 12 at the end of the first quarter.

Junior Alliya Butts opened up the second quarter with a three to cut the Huskies lead 9 points, but UConn went on a 10-0 lead to extend their lead to 33-14. The run was stopped by Junior Donnaizha Fountain with a good jumper. The Huskies then went on another 8-0 run to go up 22 points, but a three-pointer from Berger stopped the run at the end of the first half.

Early in the third quarter, the Huskies went on another 8-0 run to go up 49-19, but a jumper from Fitzgerald stopped this run. The Huskies continued to increase their lead throughout the third and fourth quarter, and the Owls were not able to recover from the Huskies damage.

Donnaizha Fountain finished with 12 points and 3 rebounds, and Feyonda Fitzgerald also ended

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with 12 points, 5 rebounds and 3 assists. Alliya Butts ended with 10 points and 2 steals, while Khadijah Berger ended with 6 points and 2 steals. Tanaya Atkinson also notched 6 rebounds.

The Owls were held at shooting just 27.1% from the field while UConn was shooting almost 60% from the field. The Huskies also shot 70% from the field in the second half where the Owls were shooting just 31% from the field during the second half. The Owls shot 36% from outside the arc where UConn was shooting 33.3% from outside the arc. The Owls were able to notch 11 points from the bench.

The Owls will be back in action Saturday afternoon in Pearson McGonigle Hall when they will take on Cincinnati.

Sweet Revenge: Temple Women Knock Off #23 USF

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The Temple Women’s Basketball team defeated a ranked USF team Saturday afternoon with a score of 77-71. This marks the Owls second win against a ranked opponent this season. The win puts Temple at 11-2 in conference play and 21-5 overall, and the USF loose brings them down to 9-4 in conference play and 20-6 overall.

The first quarter started off back and forth between the Bulls and the Owls. USF got the game started with a layup, but Junior Donnaizha Fountain answered with a layup in the paint. A good free throw and a fast break layup would give the Owls a 3-point advantage over the Bulls. However, a good layup and two free throw shots would give USF a 1-point advantage. Again, Donnaizha Fountain would make a layup, but USF would answer with a layup. At the end of the first quarter, Senior Feyonda Fitzgerald sank a three-pointer that started a 9-2 Temple run, so the Owls would lead 18-12 going in to the second quarter.

The Owls kept their lead throughout the entire second quarter, and only USF to come within 5 points. Donnaizha Fountain started off the second quarter with a good three-point shot. Junior Alliya Butts had a fast break layup and Feyonda Fitzgerald also contributed to scoring with another three-pointer. Towards the end of the quarter, Junior allowing Khadijah Berger sank a three that surged a 10-2 Temple run, so the Owls ended the first half up by 13 points.

USF came out more aggressive in the second half and challenged the Owls. Temple still managed to keep their lead in the third quarter, but again, the Bulls cut the Owls lead almost in half. Eight fouls by the Owls and many missed shots gave USF a chance to get back in the game. The Bulls made their first three-pointer of the game early in the third quarter that surged a USF run where they would come within 4 points of Temple. USF outscored Temple in the third quarter 23-17. The Owls came out 7 points ahead of the Bulls going in to the fourth and final quarter.

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Temple was up for the beginning half of the fourth quarter but too many missed shots by the Owls gave USF a 1-point lead over the Owls with about five minutes left. Alliya Butts would make a three-pointer, but the Bulls answered with a nice layup. USF would go up by 3 points, but Fitzgerald would sink a three-point shot to tie up the game with two minutes left. Donnaizha Fountain and Feyonda Fitzgerald outscored USF 13-4 with 2 minutes left to give the Owls the edge over USF.

Feyonda Fitzgerald was the high-scorer for the Owls with 23 points and 7 assists. Donniazha Fountain was right behind Fitzgerald with 22 points and 5 rebounds. Alliya Butts notched 13 points, 4 assists and 4 rebounds. Junior Tanaya Atkinson would record her eighth double-double of the year with 11 points and 10 rebounds, and Khadijah Berger had 6 points and 4 rebounds.

The Owls will face the #1 UConn Huskies on Wednesday at UConn.

Temple Women’s Basketball Winning Streak Continues

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After a two game losing streak, the Owls are back on track winning their third straight game in a row against East Carolina Saturday afternoon. Temple Women’s Basketball beat the East Carolina Pirates by a score of 76-43. This win puts the Owls at 19-5 overall and 10-2 in the American Athletic Conference, and this loss brings East Carolina down to 10-15 overall and 1-11 in conference play.

East Carolina kept it close in the beginning half of the first quarter. The Pirates made a layup to start off the quarter, but Junior Donnaizha Fountain would answer with a solid three pointer. East Carolina made a jumper keeping the game close, but Donnaizha Fountain would answer again with another three-point shot allowing the Owls to take the lead 6-4. East Carolina made another jumper to tie the game, but after that, the Owls took over. Junior Tanaya Atkinson made both her free throws to have the Owls go up 8-6. Layups by Donnaizha Fountain and Feyonda Fitzgerald would further extend the lead in the first quarter. Junior Alliya Butts also added a three-point shot to help out the Owls while Freshman Shantay Taylor was able to make her free throws. The Owls ended the first quarter up by 14 points.

The second quarter only got better for the Owls as they continued to extend their lead. It started off with a fast break layup from Tanaya Atkinson. Feyonda Fitzgerald would also add a jumper and layup in the beginning of the second quarter. Alliya Butts and Ruth Sherrill both were able to contribute layups, and Donnaizha Fountain added another three-pointer to extend the Owls lead to 21 points over the Pirates. A layup from Fountain at the end of the second quarter put the Owls up 46-20.

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The Owls only continued to keep at least a 23-point lead over East Carolina during the second half of regulation. Donnaizha Fountain and Feyonda Fitzgerald both made 3-5 field goal shots in the second half. Shantay Taylor also was shooting 75% for free throws.  The team totaled 27 rebounds just in the second half of play. With layups made by Fountain, Butts, and Taylor, Temple was able to beat East Carolina with a score of 76-43.

Senior Feyonda Fitzgerald recorded 21 points and 6 assists for the Owls and Junior Donnaizha Fountain had a double-double with 19 points and 12 rebounds. Junior Alliya Butts was able to notch 12 points and recorded a career-high 6 rebounds at 5”4. Junior Tanaya Atkinson had 12 points and Freshman Shantay Taylor added 8 points. Senior Ruth Sherrill also notched 7 rebounds for the Owls.

The Owls will be facing SMU on February 15th at 7PM in Pearson McGonigle Hall.

Temple Women’s Basketball Wins Big 5 Championship

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Courtesy of OwlSports
Courtesy of OwlSports

The winning streak continues for the Owls as the Temple Women’s Basketball team beat Penn Wednesday night to clinch the Philadelphia Big 5 Title. The title is only the 10th in school history and only the 2nd for Coach Tonya Cardoza.

This win also marks the Owls 12th consecutive win. The win brings Temples record to 16-3 overall and 6-0 in conference play. Penn drops to 9-6 and 0-4 in the Big 5.

Although Temple won, Penn did not make it easy. Penn came out making the opening shot, but Temple answered with a three pointer from Junior Donnaizha Fountain. From there the Owls went up 9-3, but the Quakers went on a 6-0 run to tie the game at 9-9. Senior Feyonda Fitzgerald gave them the lead with a jumper, and Junior Alliya Butts added a three. The Quakers quickly responded with a layup putting them within one at the end of the first quarter.

The Owls came out in the second quarter with a 10-0 run, but again, Penn had 7 unanswered points to keep the game close. By the end of the second quarter, the Owls were only up by 6 points. The third quarter started by a layup from Senior Safyia Martin putting Temple up 37-29. Donnaizha Fountain and Tanya Atkinson both added 3 pointers to keep the teams lead. The Owls continued to keep this much of a lead until the end of the third quarter when the Quakers had come within 1 point of the Owls at 44-43. Although the Quakers did take their first lead in the fourth quarter, it would not last long as the Owls went on a 12-2 run to beat Penn 63-53.

The Owls were led by Junior Donnaizha Fountain who notched a double-double scoring 20 points and 12 rebounds. Fountain also had a team high 4 steals. Senior Feyonda Fitzgerald had 13 points and 7 assists. Junior Tanaya Atkinson had 9 rebounds and 12 points. Junior Alliya Butts scored 12 points and Senior Ruth Sherrill had 8 rebounds. The Owls were able to hold Penn to 37.3% for field goal shoots and 20% for three pointer shoots.

The Owls will play #23 USF this Sunday at McGonigle Hall at 12pm.

Temple Womens Basketball Defeats Memphis to Win 11th Consecutive Game

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Temple women’s basketball won their 11th consecutive game Saturday afternoon against Memphis. This win improves the Owls record to 15-3 overall, and an undefeated 6-0 in conference play. Memphis will drop to 8-11 overall and 1-5 in conference play.

Memphis came out with 4 unanswered points to start off the game, but Senior Ruth Sherrill answered with a layup. The Owls were only up by 1 point going in to the second quarter. The second quarter was also very close, and at the end of the second quarter, Memphis was leading by 1 point. The first half was back and forth due to the lack of defense by the Owls. Temple came out on fire in the third quarter going on a 16-0 run to put them in the lead. The Owls took it home in the last quarter and won 66-51.

Junior Donnaizha Fountain led the way for Temple scoring 19 points. Senior Ruth Sherrill added 13 points and 4 blocks. Junior Alliya Butts notched 12 points and 5 assists. Senior Feyonda Fitzgerald helped the team with 9 assists. Junior Tanaya Atkinson had 8 rebounds and 7 points.

The Owls will play Penn on Wednesday at 7PM. If the Owls win, they will be guaranteed the Big 5 Championship.

Temple Women’s Basketball Wins 10th Game in a Row

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Temple women’s basketball team topped Houston Wednesday night with a score of 69-57. This marks the tenth straight win for the team. The win puts the Owls record at 14-3 on the season and 5-0 in conference play. Houston’s record drops to 1-4 in conference play and 8-10 overall.

Temple came out playing hot with a 7 unanswered points. In the middle of the first quarter, Houston finally answered with a 3 pointer. Temple kept the lead for the rest of the game despite a Houston run that got them within 2 points of the Owls. The Owls shoot 72.7% for free throws and 42.9% for 3 pointers. The team also totaled 49 rebounds Despite Houston’s record, the Cougars kept it a close game gathering 21 points off the bench and notching 26 points in the paint.

Junior Donnaizha Fountain led the scorers with 23 points. Fountain also notched 9 rebounds. Senior Feyonda Fitzgerald notched another double-double with 22 points, 11 assists and 4 rebounds. Fitzgerald also scored 17 points just in the first half and Fountain dropped 16 points in the second half. Junior Alliya Butts notched 14 points and Senior Ruth Sherrill had a career high 19 rebounds.

The Owls hope to continue their winning streak and score their 11th win in a row. The Owls next game is Saturday at 2PM against Memphis in McGonigle Hall.

Temple Basketball Dominates Against Kennesaw State

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Temple Women’s Basketball dominated and won its game Wednesday afternoon against Kennesaw State. The win against Kennesaw State moves Temple to 10-3 overall, and it also marks the Owls sixth straight win.

Temple started out the game hot going up 8-0, and from there the Owls did not allow Kennesaw State to come within 11 points from there. The Owls largest lead was in the 4th quarter when they were up by 44 points. Both the offense and the defense shined with Temple forcing 27 turnovers and shooting 44.8% from the field. Temple won with a score of 79-38.

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Junior Donnaizha Fountain was the high scorer leading the team with 20 points and shot 4-6 from the three- point range. Senior Feyonda Fitzgerald also notched her third straight double-double with 17 points and 10 assists. Junior Tanya Atkinson also had a double-double with 17 points and 12 rebounds. Freshman Shantay Taylor also notched 8 points and 8 rebounds, and Seinor Ruth Sherrill had 7 points. Freshman Takora McIntyre made her college debut also and scored 2 points for the Owls. As a team, the Owls shot 44.8% for field goals and made 56.8% of the shots from the free throw line.

Temple will host its second conference game against Tulane on Sunday at McGonigle Hall.

Temple Women’s Basketball Opens Up Conference Play with a Win

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Temple Women’s Basketball started off Conference play off with an overtime win against Memphis. The win also put head coach Tonya Cardoza as the program’s all- time winningest coach at 173 wins. Cardoza’s official record as head coach of the Owls is 173-104. The win against Memphis puts Temple’s record at 1-0 in conference play and 9-3 overall.

In the dramatic fourth quarter, Temple and Memphis went back and forth with multiple lead changes. In the last 10 second of the fourth quarter, Junior Alliya Butts made a 3 pointer to put Temple in the lead, but Memphis answered shooting and making

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a 3 pointer with 1 second left sending the game into overtime. Temple was able to keep Memphis shooting 12.5% regarding field goals where Temple shot 33.3% regarding field goals and 66.7% for free throws. Temple won in overtime with a score of 73-67.

Three Temple players notched double-doubles. Senior Feyonda Fitzgerald was the high scorer with 19 points, 10 assists and 8 rebounds. Fitzgerald was also named to this week’s American Weekly Honor Roll for her performance. Senior Ruth Sherrill also had 11 points and 11 rebounds and Junior Donnaizha Fountain notched 11 points and 10 rebounds. Senior Tanya Atkinson had 12 points and 7 rebounds. Junior Alliya Butts also notched 16 points for the Owls.

The Owls next game will be against Kennesaw State on January 4th at 2 PM.