Temple Releases New Climate Action Plan

President Richard Englert has approved a new climate action plan for 2019 just in time for Earth Day.

In line with Philadelphia’s current climate action plan to reduce carbon emissions by aiming to have a carbon neutral campus by 2050.

According to Temple Office of Sustainability director Kathleen Grady “The science is clear. We urgently need individuals, institutions and government to take bold action on climate change,” said Grady, a co-chair of the university’s Climate Leadership group. “I’m proud of Temple University for taking seriously the effects of climate change and its threat to public health. Through this plan, Temple is holding itself accountable to current and future generations of students. The time to act is now.”

Temple will also be investigating new and improved ways of managing waste disposal,  transportation, and building emissions and toxic products.

Temple’s full climate action plan can be found here.

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