5 Girls Arrested for Multiple Off-Campus Attacks

Multiple off-campus assaults have recently been reported between 16th and 17th Street along Norris Street.

Girls described as five 14-17 year olds have been arrested in connection to the three attacks that occurred around 6pm on March 21. Charges are expected to be made on grounds of assault for at least four of the girls, while one will receive charges for the brick assault.

KYW Newsradio reports that the girls claimed to be making a ‘flash mob,’ according to a witness who saw the girls run down the block, asking if she wanted to join. The girls then committed the attacks and boarded a bus quickly after.

The surveillance video below was released by Philadelphia Police, and was instrumental in helping to find the girls, as some were found by schools who recognized them. KYW reports that one or two girls in the original flash mob are still at large.


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