Multiple Off-Campus Attacks Prompt Investigation

UPDATED: Mutliple off-campus assaults have recently been reported between 16th and 17th Street along Norris Street.

NBC10 reports that Philadelphia Police Department has 5 suspects in custody in connection to the attacks.

An attack with a brick sent a 19-year old Temple student into surgery to realign her teeth, the victim described her attackers as a group of 8-14 year olds. Another unidentified Temple student came forward after the first assault was reported, claiming to have been punched by a group of teenage girls just fifteen minutes before on the same Friday evening.

Both attacks occurred around 6 pm on March 21. The attackers have yet to be found and anyone with information is encouraged to step forward and call 911 or contact Temple’s Police Department at 215-204-1234. Both Philadelphia and Temple’s Police Departments are conducting a joint investigation on the attacks.

A surveillance video (below) was recently released by Philadelphia Police of the assailants.The footage does not match the original report of a group of teenagers 8-14 years old.

Expect details as the story develops. 

TU Alerts:

The recent attacks have caused people to question Campus Safety Services provided by Temple University. In response to the skepticism, Temple University’s Senior Vice President of Operations, James P. Creedon who oversees CSS sent out a memorandum concerning safety information.

He explains that Temple University did not know about the attacks until later on because the Temple Police Department loses jurisdiction to Phila. PD after 16th Street.

“To be clear, the TU Alerts are designed to make you aware of an immediate threat or ask you to take action that will change your normal behavior and keep you safe,” said Creedon in a memorandum sent out three days after the attacks.

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