A Full Course in a Fraction of a Semester? Here’s How.

Temple University has announced that students can now complete courses in a shorter period of time than the traditional semester.

Part-of-term courses will be available during the fall, spring, and summer sessions.

During the fall and spring semesters students can complete the same amount of credits for a traditional 14 week course in seven weeks.

Students can take courses that last four weeks during the summer sessions.

Provost Hai-Lung Dai said part-of-term courses were created with the same goal of the recently implemented Fly-in-Four program to help more students graduate in four years.

“The primary motivation is that we have a program that we want to help students be able to graduate hopefully in four years if not definitely before six years,” Dai said.

The courses may be shorter on time, but Assistant Professor of Kinesiology Dr. Margo Greicar tells Update that there is no shortage on the amount of information students learn.

“I don’t think it decreases the academic rigor or quality of the class and I think that students who take the summer class will get just as much out of the four week class, albeit in a very intense manner than they would with a full term semester course,” Greicar said.

Provost Dai said that if students have any questions about part-of-term courses they should talk to their advisor.

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