Ambler Campus Rebuild Continues

The construction on Temple’s Ambler campus is lighting up. Several of the buildings on campus have or are in the process of getting new roofs.

This construction comes after a devastating tornado hit nearly two months ago.

One of the buildings, Bright Hall, will re-open around Thanksgiving.

Dr. Vicki Lewis McGarvey, Director of Ambler Campus, says they plan to give the library a new look.

“We are standing here in what was the library that we are going to repurpose as a design-build studio maker space for landscape architecture, architecture, and engineering,” said McGarvey.

Ambler’s also creating projects for students like a pop-up flag tributes to the trees that the tornado destroyed. Students have even begun planting new trees and plants around the campus. 

“The prevailing element is that people want to get involved in a very hands-on kind of way, and so we are looking for opportunities to let them do that,” McGarvey said when Temple Update asked about how campus life has been. 

Temple Ambler is turning the tornado’s negative impacts into positives.

“So as we’re cleaning up, we’re trying to think, how can we use what was here to teach about what happened,” Kathy Salisbury, Director of Ambler Arboretum, said.

Despite everything, this natural disaster has provided many learning and teaching opportunities for staff. 

“We have all these natural features that you might not have in a botanic garden that we can use to teach about it, we can show the root structures, we can show you know what happens in storms, and how forests recover from that,” Salisbury said. 

Ambler’s campus is coming back stronger than ever but could still always use help. For more information on how you can support Temple’s Ambler campus, you can go to their recovery page here. 

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