Fall Break Means Owls are Flying Home

Written and shot by Olivia Benner

Fall break is right around the corner and Temple Owls are eager for the long awaited time off. Students have been in classes for 11 weeks straight, their last break being on Labor Day.

With travel restrictions beginning to lift, students can now travel to visit family. Temple senior Josh Berger says he plans to visit family in California.

This will be the, “first time he has been to California,” according to Berger.

Looking back to the fall 2020 break, the only students on campus were those who chose to stay. There were also the few who had to continue in person classes.

Students still in residence halls were told that they had to move back home. This was done as a precaution to prevent further spread of COVID-19 on and around campus. 

This fall, students are able to leave campus for the break, but must return for the last week of classes and finals. 

While the pandemic is still part of academic life, students expressed that they were not concerned about the return to campus after fall break. 

Sophomore Sachin Patel said that he, “[hasn’t] really heard about any COVID outbreaks on campus lately ,or any big swelling numbers so [he thinks] we’re kind of good on that part.”

Senior Director of Health Services, Mark Denys, sent out an email encouraging students who are traveling or in contact with someone more vulnerable to the virus to get COVID tests before leaving campus and upon their return. 

Students can schedule tests on the Student Health Portal.  

Chief Medical Advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci said that families who are fully vaccinated can feel comfortable gathering together to enjoy the holiday season. 

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