Another Round of Snow to Hit Philadelphia

Just after 3 o’clock Wednesday afternoon, Temple University sent out a TU Alert with the announcement of a closed campus on Thursday, February 13.

Temple University students wait to hear if classes will continue into Valentine’s Day as a second round of the same storm is expected to hit around 8pm and last into the morning at 2am.

With 18 mph winds, the Philadelphia area is experiencing temperatures that feel close to 25 degrees.

Temple University tweeted “Stay tuned later this evening for a Fri. status update, but please plan accordingly for the possibility of the university opening,” at 6:25pm. No word has yet been received on whether normal operation will continue into Friday, February 14.

While the campus sidewalks were plowed sufficiently, the very wet snow quickly became deep puddles of water that lay at street corners, especially affecting Broad Street. While sidewalks were devoid of too much snow, the same could not be said of the driving conditions, with some roads not receiving any plowing at all.

“I think the city could have plowed the side streets a little better but overall,” said junior Geoff Hart. “The storm produced a little more rain than what was expected.”

Winter Hits CampusDSC_0674Temple University Hit By Snow


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