Applications Spike Following Football Fame


With the football team’s success, the job of the Admissions office at Temple has gotten decidedly harder.

The volume is applications is up 11% compared to this time last year, Director of Admissions Karen Mormando said.

“Certainly there’s a sense that given our national exposure with our successful football program, that that certainly has peaked the interest of students,” Mormando said.

For the 4,900 spots available, the office has already received 30,000 applications — and still counting. With ESPN’s CollegeGameDay coming to Philadelphiaapplication-stats for the Owls, along with several prime time games on big networks, student government officials are not surprised.

“I mean, Temple’s always doing great things,” Temple Student Government President Ryan Rinaldi told Update. “This is a school that is a special place, and we do the right things here. This year the Temple football team has given Temple the opportunity to broadcast that to the country.”

Mormando added that the most recent Open House for the university drew 6,000 people, the largest group ever. Owl Ambassadors, who serve as tour guides for perspective students, also have seen an uptick in interest in the football program.

“I asked students have they heard about Temple football and I’m getting a lot more answers then I’ve gotten previous years,” said Owl Ambassador Josh Barber.  He continued, “I think that students are definitely excited to be part of the Temple experience once they get here. It’s definitely generated a large buzz gets everyone excited, gets everyone wanting to go to the games and going to games definitely in the future as well.”

Rinaldi says while football should not act as the deciding factor in picking a school, the notoriety proves invaluable.

“High school students are looking at Temple, and they’re looking at us in the same light as the LSUs, the Alabamas, the Floridas, of the world. And that’s huge.”

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