Collection Celebrates Black History Month 365 Days

As we conclude Black History Month, The Charles L. Blockson Afro-American Collection located on Temple University campus includes over 700,000 items related to black history. The collection even allows students, residents, and researchers to visit for free. 

Throughout February, Dr. Diane Turner reminds all visitors that Black History month is actually 365 days at the collection.

“We do black history 365 days, its some of the oldest Americans of African descent and the history is very diverse in the collection” Dr.Diane Turner said.

The collection is located inside Sullivan Hall on Temple University’s campus.

Here you can find books such as the W.E.B DuBois first edition, “The Girl Called Moses”, and “Valiant Friend”. 

Additionally, the collection provides a number of Black history photographs, Tupac Shakur lyrics, graphic novels, and more. Inside the hall displays famous Black historical figures, sculptures, and musicians. 

Diane said the Blockson collection has also donated 5,000 copies of their recently published graphic novel, “Black Live Always Mattered!” (BLAM) to the School District of Philadelphia. 

“BLAM!” Is a graphic novel that features fourteen Black historic Philadelphians. The novel encourages youth in Philadelphia to read upon Black history that relates them and to their hometown.

“They are going to put them in the high schools because we want students to be able to see themselves and know the history and contribution.”  Dr. Turner stated. 

The collection is open weekdays Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM. Those interested in visiting, are encouraged to make an appointment by contacting the collection online. 

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