Spring Break Returns for 2022

Temple University’s spring break is on the horizon. Some owls have already flown the nest, while others are hooting about making this a spring break to remember.

This year marks the first normal spring break Temple has seen in over two years. Due to the influx of COVID-19 cases during spring break of 2020, the university exchanged spring break for two “wellness days” last year.

Students are really looking forward to spring break this year. However, while some students will be spending their break out of the country, others have different plans.

Aidan Lauck, a junior, Media Studies and Production student is getting ready to travel back to his home in Newtown Pa.

While home isn’t the most extravagant vacation destination, he’s using his much-needed break to work on school projects and catch up with friends.

“I only live about 40 minutes away from campus, so it’s not out of state, so it’s an easy drive back,” Lauck said.

Although he is only traveling back home, Lauck is still taking the necessary precautions to ensure his friends and family stay safe.

“Just masked up wherever I go,” he noted. “Even if it says I don’t need one, still mask up. You know hand sanitizer immediately as soon as you get back in the car. But other than that, just the usual”

While this is considered a normal spring break, it is necessary for students to take safety measures into account to try to limit the number of cases during the return to campus on March 7th

“I think that cases might arise after spring break again, or a little bit later on, our spring break is a little early on this year for some reason,” Lauck said. “But yeah I think it could raise cases a little bit.”

If you’re feeling unwell or think you have COVID-19, be sure to book an appointment with the Student Health Portal. Regardless of where you’re going for spring break, be sure to mask up if you are indoors or in large groups.

That way, we can all have a safe return back to campus.

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