“Body Confidence” Hits the Runway in The DreamWalk Fashion Show

The 2300 Arena played host to the second annual DreamWalk Fashion Show on Sunday, November 4.

Dozens of models took to the runway, strutting by the flashes of iPhones and cheers of the congregation. However, this fashion show is unlike any you’ve heard of before.

Dubbed “the Anti-Victoria Secret Fashion Show”, the DreamWalk Fashion Show is self-proclaimed as the first ever “body confidence” fashion show of its breed.

The show focuses on the men and women who have the confidence to “strut their stuff” down the runway and rewrite the stereotypes of models in this generation. The show embraces those who struggle and those who have overcome their struggle. The models, called “Dreamers”  include males and females of all races, genders, and disability.

The show is spree-headed by the Scaffidi sisters of Lexi and Alyse. As teenagers, both girls dreamed of being models but were crushed by the standards that the fashion industry is known for – tall, skinny, perfect-skinned women.

“Every year, my sister and I would watch the Victoria Secret Fashion Show and we would see all the beautiful costumes, and all the ‘perfect’ women,” Alyse told Temple Update. “We noticed that there is this very ‘cookie cutter’ shape. It’s not fair that there are millions of people watching and getting down on their own bodies.”

It was the belief that the world is so diverse, that the girls claimed it was time to “flip the script.” Sunday night’s one-hour show featured dozens of brave individuals all sharing their differences in weight, sexuality, and identity and unifying as a statement that everyone is beautiful in their own way.

The show is not without its challenges. Lexi and Alyse had to fund the first DreamWalk Fashion Show using their own personal funds after failing to secure a sponsor.

“We basically hit a brick wall,” Lexi said. “We believed in the message so much, that we used our own money to fund the show.”

Just under one year later, the 2018 DreamWalk Fashion Show secured nearly 25 sponsors.

While the show is still new, the Scaffidi sisters already have their sights set on a much bigger stage.

“We hope to keep hosting the show long-term,” Alyse stated. “We are looking into spreading the show across the U.S.”

The DreamWalk Fashion Show is bringing together the trials and tribulations of dozens of brave dreamers and painting a beautiful picture of unity and positivity.

Check out the slideshow below of highlights from the 2018 DreamWalk Fashion Show.

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