“Bouncing Back”: A New TUTV Show That’s All About Loving Who You Are

TUTV has a new show that’s all about self-esteem, loving yourself and how we all can overcome any hardships.

“You will find that through any obstacle, we can all bounce back.”

These are the types of messages you will hear from Lisa Bien, a professional marketing strategist and Temple public relations professor.

She created a new show called  “Bouncing Back” in an effort to give Temple students and other viewers insight into their own misgivings concerning self worth, while presenting real life examples of personal struggle with self acceptance.

Professor Bien explains, “The goal of “Bouncing Back” is for students to share stories of adversity and different issues you find here on a college campus and how to overcome the adversity when faced with it, and basically how they bounced back.”

In the second episode, Bien sits down with Temple student Bo to get his story on how he bounced back after years spent trying to reconcile his sexual identity with his family’s conservative values.

Bo shares how he learned to accept himself and build relationships outside of his family unit instead of choosing to live a life of self-hatred and dishonesty.

“I really felt like I had a story to share that a lot of people can relate to and even if you cant relate to it, you can relate to the struggle,” Bo Sutman adds.

“I really felt like it was worth sharing. And its something I wanted to tell people about.”

“Bouncing Back” provides a forum for students to discuss the challenges they face in this sometimes tumultuous era in their lives.

“I think that any issue that someone feels like is relevant and important to them, I’m willing to explore”, says Bien.

The goal of the show is to share stories that we’re afraid to share, to show that we all face adversity and that we all have struggles.  And it is okay to talk about them.

For more information about “Bouncing Back” and to watch full episodes online, visit TUTV’s website at templetv.net.

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