Enhanced Security at Temple University

Temple’s security may be getting an upgrade due to the recent attack of a Temple Professor. Student have raised several questions as to how and when these security enhancements will be implemented.

There are many different opinions about how safe students feel on campus, some feel extremely safe, while others feel unsafe all over campus.

“Well I feel safe on the campus for about two blocks and then when you go off of it its pretty bad, from about 5 pm to 10 am, other than that its pretty safe,” says Doherty.

“I feel equally safe and unsafe anywhere I go, because anything could happen anywhere,” says freshman Nelly Kaisi.

Many students think there should be more police patrolling campus during the day and night.

“I haven’t felt really threatened here, except at night sometimes, I think there should be more security, more patrolling, cause there’s a severe lack,” says senior Heba Nasr.

Many believe that Temple should have been aware of its security issues months ago.

“I think it’s funny that now they want to increase security and make sure that everyone’s getting their IDs checked,” says senior Chris Young. “When for the last couple of months, they stopped doing that.”

The recent attack on a Temple Professor has raised security questions among students on campus. Temple University President Dr. Theobald says enhanced security is already being fit into the new master plan for next semester. While it’s hard to promise guaranteed safety on a public campus, Temple Police and Allied Barton Security are working together to make the campus safer.

Sergeant McGuire is on Temple University’s Police force and says they are aware that many students sneak into buildings. Normally, students should show their ID cards as they enter buildings but some students try to sneak into university buildings by propping doors and using back entrances.

“In light of the incident, we did, in fact increase patrols in the Anderson and Gladfelter area with the Allied Barton Security, which is our contract security company,” says McGuire.

Allied Barton Security has increased security checks on campus and added an additional post at the rooftop entrance of Anderson and Gladfelter Hall. McGuire ensures that there will be more security on campus in the upcoming months.

“We just graduated a class of eight so that gives us 22 extra police officers within a years time. Which is a significant amount, that’s almost a 25% increase to our department,” says McGuire.

Even with increased security around campus, many students do not believe it will affect their safety.

“More security wouldn’t do anything, you can’t stop it,” says Doherty. “There’s no way you can stop it,  you can put a 100 people through this building and there would still be crimes.”

The recent attack has increased security in university buildings but only time will tell if increased security will continue through the years.

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