TUTV Telecast

TUTV is taking game coverage to a whole new level with a class geared towards producing and broadcasting a live telecast professor comings speaks on the advantages of this live stream

“The advantages for TUTV is we get to use that coverage as a telecast that runs on our television station,” said Professor George Cummings. “It also gives our students real world experience in doing multi-camera sports coverage production.”

Students work together using equipment provided by TUTV and Temple Athletics to live broadcast games with three-camera coverage. While the students do gain hands on experience during the telecasts, the athletics department and players benefit from the live streams as well.

Temple’s student Athletes comes from all over the world. This live telecast gives families of students the opportunity to watch them in action when they cant make it to the university; perspective students can also view these games, aiding to the recruiting process.

“The live telecasts are very important because if you look at the roster of our team,” said Coach Bakeer Ganes. “We’re all over the country, all over the world. So its very important that some of the parents, and friends, and relatives, who cant come to all of the home games get an opportunity to watch us on line and on TV.”

With the advances in technology the TUTV Production team is able to broadcast live from McGonigle Hall.

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