Breakfast With The Candidates

Supporters lined the sidewalks and the stage was set for breakfast with the candidates. KYW Newsradio Special Contributor Larry Kane moderated the debate between sitting Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett and the democratic challenger who hopes to unseat him Tom Wolf.

The debate began with the topic of public education funding, which Corbett partly blames on the teachers unions.

“I understand that everyone wants additional money, but we have tight limited budgets in PA,” he said. Wolf responded, “It’s a matter of priorities governor, you have not been a friend to education”

Quickly disagreeing over property tax hikes that once generated revenue for the schools.

“Property taxes have gone through the roof in your administration,” said Wolf. Corbett interrupted, “Property taxes have gone through the roof because of the pension system.”

The candidates fielded questions on issues from hate crimes, to jobs, and natural gas drilling. KYW Newsradio reporter and Temple Alumni Cherri Gregg asked candidates in the lightening round more personal questions.

“Remember as I said during the break, this is supposed to be fun. Governor starting with you, French fries or chocolate?” she said.

Both responded, “French fries.”

A return to the debate meant a return to the issues. The debate grew heated again over the release of pornographic emails. The state attorney general the emails were sent to and from state officials. Wolf blamed the problem on poor leadership.

Corbett said in a press conference following the debate that Wolf’s point was a “cheap shot.”

Both candidates told Temple Update they did well, but voters will ultimately decide this November.

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