BSU’s First Ever Black Film Festival

There’s been a BIPOC film festival, a Women’s film festival, but never a Black film festival at Temple —until now. Temple students were able to experience the first ever Black film festival, hosted by BSU at the Reel on Monday. 

The film festival honored and recognized eight short films all created by Black Temple students. Sophomore film student and festival curator, Victoria Wilcox, wanted to celebrate Black films in a way that other festivals haven’t done before. 

“I wanted to give us a safe space to show our work to represent us accurately,” said Wilcox. Wilcox’s film, “Situational Love” also premiered, showing a realistic side of situational relationships through dance and art. 

“I don’t like always explaining things through words because I even have a hard time explaining things,” said Wilcox. “So, I wanted to explain certain things without speaking, so that’s how dance came into play.” 

The film festival featured a lineup mixed with genres like horror, comedy, musicals, dramas and documentaries.  

BSU’s Film Festival created a space for Black filmmaker to showcase their talents and receive recognition. Junior filmmaker Jalen Ramseur-Williams says that recognition is uncommon in the film industry. 

“There’s not so many of us in this industry. This industry is mostly white if we’re being honest,” said Ramseur-Williams. “So, to have a space where we can showcase our films as a community, is very special.” 

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