TSG’s New Leadership

From left to right: Vice president-elect Lauren Jacob, President-elect Rohan Khadka, Chief of Staff-elect Bridget Frame

Temple Student Government has announced the results of the 2023 election. Empower Owls, comprising Rohan Khadka as president, Lauren Jacob as vice president, and Bridget Frame as chief of staff won the election after receiving approximately 69% of votes, which took place on March 28th and 29th. 

Empower Owls’ main focus when it comes to their policies is safety and sustainability. Jacob, who currently serves as TSG’s Director of Sustainability, says they want to create a no-plastic policy in dining halls and make public transit free or reduced-price for students. They say that safety is the biggest issue currently facing the Temple community. To address this, they want to increase lighting off campus and improve the Flight bus system.

Another issue Empower Owls plans to take on is transparency and communication from university leadership. Khadka says he wants to implement issue-based town halls with leaders and students, in which students can voice their concerns directly.  

When it comes to connecting with the student body, Khadka says representation is important. “We want to have people in the positions that represent students to look like the students… Our campaign had students that are from all demographics, we had first gen, we had queer, we had non-traditional, we had commuters.”

Frame says connecting with students through social media was an important part of their campaign, and it will continue to be important as a means of communication. “We want to make sure that the TSG Instagram is more updated, and people feel like they can really interact with us, and not that TSG is this inaccessible higher power.” 

Empower Owls will begin their administration in the fall of 2023.

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