Stay a While at Staying Power! 

Coinciding with the arrival of spring, the Philadelphia Zoo’s new, outdoor exhibit is open to the public. Staying Power houses a range of animatronics based on creatures from prehistoric ages. With an additional payment of $6 when purchasing tickets to the zoo, visitors get to experience a blast from the past. 

Unlike most zoo displays, however, this one is for more than just looking. The Staying Power exhibit offers interactive activities that guests of all ages can enjoy. 

“I was surprised there’s a dinosaur dig exhibit…the dinosaur digging area” shares 7-year-old Jameson.  

Fully immersing children into the world of dinosaurs, this activity imitates an archaeological excavation for dinosaur bones. While the kids let their imaginations fly, parents can take a break on the benches disguised as logs. 

Staying Power also features an informative scavenger hunt – something that families can do together. Many parents express their appreciation for the interesting dinosaur facts while their children are fascinated by clues hidden engagingly throughout the site.  

Despite these entertaining activities, the dinosaurs seem to be a fan favorite. 

8-year-old Jack expresses that he his favorite part of Staying Power was “the moving robotic dinosaurs.” Another guest shares the same opinion, but 7-year-old Preston specifies that his favorite dinosaur “is the Spinosaurus in the back.” 

Though the dinosaurs draw the crowd, half of the exhibit is home to insects commonly seen today. 

Now, you ask, what is the correlation between these species? Dani Hogan, the zoo’s director of mission integration, explains that “these two groups of animals did actually exist at the same time, but the bugs had staying power.”  

Small but mighty, insects such as the Monarch Butterfly and the Stinkbug outlived dinosaurs using their extraordinary abilities. The full name of the exhibit, Staying Power: Be distinct or Go Extinct, highlights the impressive feat achieved by these bugs. 

Nothing (protocera)tops a trip to the zoo to visit these friends from the land before time. Don’t miss out on this animatronic exhibit, open until September and remember, tickets are an additional purchase to the regular zoo admission. With the weather warming up, Staying Power is a great option for family and friends on a sunny day. 

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