Center City’s March to End Rape Culture

This past Saturday people came together for the annual March to End Rape Culture. The march aims to spread awareness of rape culture and its affect on society.

Kaitlynd Knorr one of the march’s organizer stated,”It raises awareness and it puts it in people’s minds. It’s a taboo subject that people may not want to talk about.”

The march came to Philly in 2011 and was previously known as the “SlutWalk.” The name of the march was changed in 2013 in order to include a wider audience.

Laquisha Anthony who has been in involved with the march over the past few years has expressed that she’s seen growth in the march.

“It has grown amazingly. I know you guys might have heard that it was originally called the SlutWalk but now it has become to end rape culture, which is include of everyone,” said Anthony. “So i think that has allowed us to bring out more people because you don’t feel like its geared to one unit.”

The march is an all day event where guest speakers read poetry and talk about the issue at hand. Hundreds of people came out to support the march and gave the city of Philadelphia a new perspective of rape culture.

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