Charles Library Construction Update

The Charles Library has been under construction for two years. But now, Dean of Libraries Joe Lucia says that the program is entering a very different phase.

When students come back for the fall semester, they will find the exterior of the building largely complete and in place. He says that the people who are able to go inside the library can now get a good sense of the architecture and the space. But as construction will be moving indoors, the noise will also go down.

This should be great news for those who work and live along Liacouras Walk, as the loud construction has been one of the biggest complaints. Lucia says that this was “probably the noisiest part of the project,” setting up concrete and steel and using heavy machinery. Next year’s work should be mostly internal, and not nearly as much of a frustration for nearby students and faculty.

Speaking of the next year, that is the estimate on how long construction will still be ongoing. Lucia mentions that the current estimates puts construction completion in May of 2019, at which point all collections from Paley will be moved over throughout the summer months. The library should be fully functional when students return in August.

After a slow start and design process, Lucia believes that the worst is behind us. Those graduating this summer and next may not have the opportunity to see the completed library, but anyone on campus should be able to see major progress after the summer.

More information about the library plans can be found here.


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