Temple Student Brings Authenticity and Flavor to Campus

Temple University has gained a new food option on campus- an Indian food truck.

Chirag Chadna, a student from the Fox School of Business, said he was hungry one night and noticed that Indian food wasn’t an option on campus. Chadna, the manager of “A Taste of India”, said, “We have Thai food, Vietnamese food, Chinese food, Japanese food but we don’t have Indian food”.

He created a poll to see if people would like to experience Indian food on campus and proposed the idea to the owner of the truck. The truck features many different food options including vegan and vegetarian options for those who prefer it. Chadna had complete control of deciding what food options would be on the menu.

One loyal customer, Sara Toromani, said that she was always interested in Bollywood films and Indian culture, and was thrilled when the truck opened this past summer.

“This truck provides the most authentic dishes with the most authentic spices”, said Toromani.

Chirag wants people to know that there is a common stigma with Indian food and most people think its spicy. Chadna followed up by saying, “Spiciness level depends on you, or what you want. Spicy and spices are two different things.”

Authenticity is what Chirag was aiming for when he made sure that the spices were ordered directly from India. Along with the spices, soda from India is also provided. 

On the sides of the truck are different graphics representing India that grab customer’s attention such as the Taj Mahal, the Red Fort in Delhi, and other colorful signs that Chirag designed himself.

He says that being a business student, his goal is to one day be an entrepreneur, and creating new ideas and being the manager of “A Taste of India” is a good experience for him. Soon, he hopes to start selling appetizers along with other new items on the menu.






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