Conference Inspires Women Entrepreneurs

Temple hosted its 17th Annual League for Entrepreneurial Women’s Conference on Wednesday. The conference featured a variety of successful women alumni in the business, science, technology, engineering and mathematical (STEM) fields.image

Each year the program seeks to inspire women to become entrepreneurs through a series of guest speakers and a network working event towards the end.

Gathered inside of a room in of Alter Hall, a group of young women heard from Dr. Amy Goldberg, the chair and professor of surgery at the Lewis Katz School of Medicine. Goldberg gave the girls advice on how to achieve their goals. “You must have heart and you must have passion,” she said. “You can’t fake it. If you fake it, everybody sees it.”

Other notable women included Lori Bush (Fox ’85), and entrepreneurs Dana Donofree, Bethany Edwards and Kriti Seghal. Seghal let the women in the room know that being an entrepreneur is hard work, but it’s about learning to overcome challenges.”It’s really important as an entrepreneur to just jump right in and create as you go.”

Seghal also told the women being an entrepreneur is an emotional journey. “You get a lot of lows and a lot of pitfalls, but you get right back up and keep going,” she said. “Just know yourself and work hard, you must always keep the faith.” She went on to say that in times of doubt, it’s important to keep going.”There is no easy path. Make your own and always remember why you started.”



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