Coronavirus Cases Top 11,000 in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania has seen a large spike in cases over the weekend as Coronavirus continues to spread throughout the state. Pennsylvania has been one of the top states with total cases with 11,510 at the time of writing. Illinois, Florida, and Louisiana have had similar numbers of confirmed cases. 150 have died statewide due to COVID-19.

Almost 2,000 cases were confirmed on Saturday by the Pennsylvania Department of Health with experts saying the peak for many parts of the United States including Pennsylvania has yet to come.

Some counties have been harder hit than others. Lehigh and Luzerne counties have become new hot spots in the state as they have 1,618 confirmed cases. Cases have doubled every 2 days for the past week in both counties.

Pennsylvania & New Jersey Departments of Health

Montgomery County, the first site of Coronavirus infection in Pennsylvania, passed 1,000 cases on Saturday and has the state’s second highest death count with 18 confirmed deaths.

Philadelphia has seen the worst of the outbreak so far with over 3,000 confirmed cases and 28 deaths. The morning of March 30, 2020 the county passed 1,000 and since then there have been around 300 to 400 new cases confirmed each day.

The Philadelphia Tri-State Area has over 8,000 total cases with many of the new cases coming from Camden, Burlington and Delaware counties. 127 people have died due to COVID-19 in the Tri-State Area with over half of the counties reporting more than 10 deaths.

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