How the Bensalem PD is Working with Coronavirus

As streets clear and more people stay in their homes, Bensalem Police officers are out in the street ready to help anyone in need.

However, the job has temporarily taken on a whole new meaning. Officers who are used to getting close to people are now doing the opposite.

Bensalem Township Police Director Fred Harran says social distancing has temporarily changed how his officers do their job.

“So what we’re doing is on calls where we can have the person step outside their house, where we’re not going into the house on calls that are not in progress calls, not high priority calls… so this is all like kinda the whole opposite of policing,” said Harran.

All officers vacation time have been cancelled so they are on mandatory schedules and no more traditional roll calling where officers would get their assignments. Police officials say these measures are to better serve the residents of Bensalem and to minimize the interaction between officers.

“We’re not an agency that can’t work from home, police have to be on the street, they have to continue to look for crime, you can’t have criminal element taking advantage of people already in a very vulnerable situation,” said Harran.

The coronavirus has also temporarily stopped all community outreach programs in the township.

Currently there are 15 confirmed cases in Bensalem. Director Harran says it’s really unfortunate to put these programs on hold, but knows it’s for the best.

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