The Impact of Coronavirus on Temple Students

The outbreak of the Coronavirus continues to spread by the day, infecting thousands in China. There are no confirmed cases of the virus at Temple University or in the city of Philadelphia.

With confirmed cases surpassing 50,000 and a death toll of over 1,300, it serves to be the deadliest virus of the 21st century yet.

The initial news of the virus had some international students here at Temple in disbelief.

“I didn’t take it very seriously in the beginning since I thought there might not be accurate

reports until I read a lot of official reports from the government,” says Temple junior Xnyini Li.

With the virus now being a reality resulting in numerous fatalities, students worry about their parents constantly.

Temple freshman Ophelia Li says her family stays at home because the virus poses as a threat outdoors.

“They don’t go to work, they don’t go to school, everyone just stays at home.”

Ophelia says she wants to go back home to her family but her mother wants her to stay in the U.S. to be safe.

The recent travel ban also has students wondering if they do visit their families, will they return back to the U.S. to continue their education. 

“I’m afraid if I go back to China, I cannot go back to the U.S. to study,” says Temple junior Xinyi Li.

Due to Coronavirus being present in the media, Dr. Hai-Lung Dai, Vice President of International Affairs says the University is aware of what’s at hand and the office will quickly work to eliminate any potential threat students, particularly from China may face. 

“For students from China, and Asia, stay calm. Things are improving, focus on your studies and you can even start planning for the summer.”

For more updates, you can log onto to and visit the CDC for health information and updates.

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