Vote on Philly’s New ‘I Voted’ Sticker

November 2019 brought a wave of modern technology to Election Day in Philadelphia with new electronic voting machines at polling locations. In 2020, Philadelphia City Commissioners are upgrading yet another part of the voting experience. The “I Voted” sticker is in the middle of a makeover – and you get a say in what it looks like.

The City Commissioners Office ran a design contest in partnership with the School District of Philadelphia throughout the month of January. 150 designs were submitted by students and adults across the city. Then, a panel of diverse personnel from around Philadelphia government and the School District narrowed down the count to just nine finalists.

Three adults, two college students, two high school students and two K-8 students’ designs were selected as finalists.

All of the finalists designs are rooted in Philadelphia’s culture as the old sticker looked very generic.

The old “I Voted” sticker in Philadelphia | Jake Zebley

Finalist stickers have historical landmarks like City Hall and the Liberty Bell on them. Others include cultural pillars of Philadelphia like the colors and fonts of old Phillies uniforms, SEPTA Tokens and even our light poles – famous for being climbed during the Post-Super Bowl celebration – made it to the final round.

Visit this website to cast your vote for your favorite design. Voting runs until March 1st and the plan is to have them ready for the April 28th primary; just one more reason to go out and vote.

Whichever design is declared a winner will also have a Spanish edition.

“I know the ‘I Voted’ stickers may not be the most important thing that we do, but it is certainly something that the public is highly passionate about” City Commissioner Chairwoman, Lisa Deeley said in a press release. “With the all-important 2020 elections upon us this is the perfect time for us to roll out a new, unique sticker and get people excited about going to the polls” she said.

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