Wintergarden Opens at City Hall

Written by Robert Nicastro

As the seasons change, City Hall is unveiling a new exhibit: The Wintergarden.

This exhibit is going to be open all throughout the winter season, and won’t close its doors until the spring.

The Wintergarden opened at Dilworth Park over the past few days, but it’s only just getting started. The garden portion is currently open, and the ice skating rink is setting up. 

“So, kids of all ages, Temple students included, can enjoy the Wintergarden, here on the greenfield lawn,” Center City’s District Marketing Manager, Giavana Suraci, said. “It’s open now, through April 3, 2022.”

“Also, our ice rink is opening this Friday, November 5, and that will be open through April 3, 2022,” Suraci added.

It may sound too good to be true, but there’s even more festivities lined up.

Officials say there will be special events throughout the next few months, linked to the Wintergarden. One of those is the annual Holiday Village, which opens up across the street in the winter.

There are going to be night-specific events held there as well, including College Night.

Every Thursday, college students are going to be able to skate for only two dollars, not including skate rentals. 

One of the things that makes this exhibit so special is Temple’s involvement. Temple will be sponsoring the ice rink, so be sure to look for their advertisements around the rink’s sides.

Being that the rink and garden are sponsored by Temple, it is also doing something extra special throughout the month of February.

Temple students are going to be able to use the rink free of charge on behalf of the University all throughout February.

Be sure to check out their website for more information on the Wintergarden, as well as the other winter activities that will be happening outside of City Hall.

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