DMAX Foundation Expands to Temple



Members of the DMAX club meet for their weekly discussions

The DMAX Foundation seeks to assist student-run clubs in helping each other get through the struggles of everyday life. The club, led by students for students, covers a variety of topics and hopes to be helpful and engaging to all those interested.

Michael Nghe, the club’s founder, describes the DMAX Club as a “mental health organization. “We don’t really teach people about mental health, it’s more like discussing. We create a safe environment for students to come together when they’re stressed, even if they’re not stressed, just show up, and we talk, chill, and the reason we do this is to release stress and sometimes you just gotta talk it out.”

Every club meeting does not always start with a topic in mind.  Being built around student discussion, anything members want to talk about can become their topic for the week.

Club President, Rebecca Grimes says that “this club helps students by providing a safe space for them to talk about whatever is going on with them in the week, and it’s a student-guided discussion, so whatever they want to talk about, that’s what the topics are for our meeting.”

Possible topics could include “your day, your life, your ex, your homework, your subject, your major; anything that stresses you out, and anything that doesn’t stress you out. In this room that we created, any topic is a topic we can talk about.” said Nghe.

The DMAX Foundation is named after Dan Maxwell, the son of founders Laurie and Lee Maxwell. After they lost their son to depression, they vowed to show students the benefits of talking out their problems with their peers.

The DMAX Foundation has been expanding to schools across Pennsylvania, such as Penn State and Drexel. The Temple chapter has just gotten off the ground and is always accepting new members.

The DMAX Club gets together every Monday from 6:30 to 7:30 in the Student Center, room 205.

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