Empty Campus = Mental Health Challenge


Mental Illness and depression were at an all-time high during the Covid-19 pandemic and these numbers have not changed as students returned to school.

Many students have made the decision to stay home with the announcement of online classes, however those who remain on campus face difficulties as a result of its emptiness and having to adapt to online learning.

Freshman Jake Gabel says “So, it, it does put a little extra stress not knowing, am I doing this right because no one can really tell me right now if I’m doing things correctly because this has never happened before.”

Fourth year student Shemar Moore says “It’s really hard to be engaged with, like, material in classes when, like you have to constantly just not have real interactions with people.”

Resident assistants are also facing a set of challenges, saying that being a leader of the community is especially difficult right now.

An RA who wishes to remain anonymous says “At the beginning of the semester my mental health was absolutely horrible, um, it was so difficult to be here and trying, like, like, make sure that everyone was, like, trying to follow these guidelines.”

However she does hope that students remain optimistic about the future and realize that this is a challenge we are all facing together.

“This is a really hard time for everyone in that this is not a time where you feel alone in that respect, of like I’m the only person that’s feeling like this. I think one of the good things about Temple is that we have a lot of resources.”

Tuttleman Counseling Services offered by Temple are available for any student who may need help.

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