TFMA Gets Creative with Online Class

Temple University’s School of Theater, Film and Media Arts has moved most of its classes and performances online.

Both faculty and students are now coping with their new reality.

Globally, the theater industry has undergone many changes during the COVID-19 pandemic, including socially distanced shows and online learning.

“When I’m sitting alone in my room doing a scene, I have to be the lighting director and the sound director. It’s a really interesting way to learn, to do school, for theater especially, because you’re not just learning acting anymore,” says TFMA senior Emily Bowden.

Along with online classes, TFMA is also trying to navigate performances in a pandemic.

Many theaters have been transitioning to online or socially distanced shows, some of which involve pre-recording performances ahead of time with a limited cast and no audience members.

“I mean it’s forced a lot of theater artists to start thinking more like film artists, frankly, we don’t have the same sort of control,” says TFMA professor Michael Osinski.

Bowden says it’s disheartening as stages across the nation have gone dark.

“It’s hard to even wrap my mind around, okay, in a year, I’m going to graduate, and then have to do things. We can’t even imagine what the world’s gonna be like in three months.”

Osinski adds that students are not alone in this uncertain time.

“There’s gonna be a whole mini-generation of students who learned this way, who had to go through this whole online class, online theatrical and film experience” says Osinski.

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